Health Benefits of Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Tulsi, known as Holy Basil in English is a common herb found in most of Indian homes as a part of their spiritual and also its medical properties. A herb standing not more than 3 feet, with small green leaves, tulsi has immense medicinal properties like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, germicidal etc... from its essential oils. The extracts obtained from the plant are extensively used for curing various diseases like common cold, malaria, heart disease, headaches, inflammation, stomach disorders, kidney stones, heart disorders, and many more. The Indian basil also aids in the purification of atmosphere. Though it is not practical to list all of them, take a look at how you could benefit from it.

Common cold and fever
The benefits of tulsi has been proven in science that tulsi based cough syrup has been out in the market.
For the simple reason that its caused by various viruses, the body never gets immunity against them. The only way body can fight common cold is by consuming something with anti-viral properties usually in the form of tablets/syrups. Tulsi can be natural medicine towards common cold because of its anti-viral properties. A common way to exercise tulsi is by collecting a bunch of its leaves, washing them, placing them on one of your palms and rubbing them vigorously with the thumb of your other hand to get the juice out of the leaves. Let the juice drip down through your fingers and you can collect them in a bowl. A tablespoon of juice will do the job. Tulsi juice is bitter. A good option is to add a bit of honey into it, mix it and have it. Recommended dosage would be twice a day. Fever is caused majorly by viruses, bacteria and protozoa, fever can be simple fever to fatal ones like Malaria and flu. The application of tulsi in fever has been practiced in India for years, right from the days Ayurveda started to be documented. The best way is to prepare a tulsi decoction along with black pepper and drink it twice a day. The anti-viral, germicidal properties do their job.

For malaria fever: Mix 5-7 leaves with powdered black pepper and eat the mixture.
For fever:It is every effective in bringing down the high temperature.Extract of tulsi leaves in fresh water should be given every 2 to 3 hours.

Respiratory disorders
Tulsi essential oil contains Camphene, Cineole and Eugenol. These oils help get relief during respiratory disorders like bronchitis, pharyngitis, chest congestion, asthma and common cough. Drinking tulsi decoction twice in a day will help you get a good relief and resistance towards these disorders. If you steam, you can also put few leaves or flowers into the water in the vaporizer.

For cough: One of the easiest home remedies for a cough is Tulsi. For any kind of cough, drink drink Tulsi tea. Add 5-10 tulsi leaves to hot water and let it boiled for couple of minutes. Then drink it number of times a day.
For asthma: Mix black tulsi with and take regularly. This helps in reducing asthmatic complaints.

Anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties
Tulsi is an effective medicine towards recovery of lung cancer and tuberculosis cause by smoking. The anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties aren't strong enough to stop them while smoking; however it may delay the consequence or may reduce the impact.

Oral health
Though bitter chewing tulsi leaves fight against bad breath and is a good mouth freshener. However it is not recommended to chew it for a very long time as it may cause blisters and burn in your mouth. Over 99% germs are destroyed by chewing tulsi leaves and this has been proved in studies which validates that the anti-bacterial and germicidal properties do work. Tulsi also has astringent properties that help the gums hold the teeth.

Eye Protection
Water in which tulsi leaves has been soaked, when used to rinse your eye reduces the eyes' vulnerability to conjunctivitis, vision defects, boils, viral and bacterial infections in the eye. Camphene is a cooling agent. Eugenol has antioxidant properties that protect eyes and other organs from free radicals. These properties reduced the stress in and around the eye. People staring at the computer screen for a long time can feel the difference. It is also believed that tulsi can reduce changes of cataract.

Migraine and other headaches
Headaches resulting from sinus, migraine and common cold can be cured with tulsi. Tulsi has got analgesic and sedative properties due to camphene. It boots your immune system against sinus, common cold, pharyngitis etc… Tulsi is one of the main ingredients found in ayurvedic supplements like Chyawanprash and other lehyams.

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Dermatological benefits
Tulsi decoction and water soaked with tulsi is a good mosquito repellent when applied to the skin externally. It's antibacterial, antifungal and germicidal properties protects the skin from general infections caused by fungus and bacteria, skin irritations, boils, acne, pimples etc… Camphene is a cooling agent and therefore you would feel relaxed in the applied area.

For Eczema: Mix black tulsi juice with vinegar and with butter is beneficial for conditions.
For a fainting person: Rub black Tulsi Juice (few drops) on the hands and feet of a person who has fainted.
For ear ache: Tulsi leaves heat in water used as drugs cures ear ache.
For heart burn: Chewing basil leaves every morning will prevent heart burn completely.
For vomitting relief: Tulsi seed mixed with Curd or Honey stops vomiting in children.
For joint pain: Mix 10 grams of Tulsi juice with 10 grams of Ginger juice and drink it.
For indigestion: It is said that if you mix black tulsi leaves with almonds and 4 powdered cardamoms and take it , it is good for indigestion.
For kidney stones: Consuming basil leaves is known to get rid of kidney stones.

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