Healthy Relationships and A Healthy You

This is not always easy to maintain friendships and family ties are strong when you are busy with kids and other requirements of the job on time. Here are some tips to keep those relationships healthy, even in difficult times:

Visit your friends and family. Simple but important. Take the time to call, send an e-mail or leave a comment quickly.
New friends. Establishing new contacts with people who have similar lifestyles can help you to feel that someone knows the routine tasks.
If you feel too tired to talk and deal with people who are important to you, tell them. Explain your feelings to them. This post may help you feel better.

Things to get closer to your partner
The experts agree - listen, really listen, to reduce conflicts, increase confidence and the more satisfying of the society. By listening to, as it seems simple, but requires more than being in the same place while the better half says. Sign to ensure that by turning off the TV and invite the attention, making eye contact. And do not forget to see what you hear.
This is the most important with a partner is disturbed. If thou wilt hear the voice, it is likely that find a way to understand the questions here.
For many of us, a spouse, partner or partner is the most important relationship in our lives. However, it is easy to grow apart, even when they live together. Here are five tips from the experts to stay near:

Spend more time together.
Putting couple time in the calendar reinforces feelings of love for each other. Couples will benefit if they feel a commitment, every woman's guide to responsibility for their lives and realize their dreams. Are these special times in private, among others?
But do not make a mistake to limit the interaction of the selected few. Try another company for at least a few minutes each day, especially in the early morning and late in the day and at bedtime. In this case we are talking about positive things. It makes a big impression.
Make a special point to greet each other at the end of the day. If the first home stop what you're doing when it comes to your partner and spends a moment together.

Listening when the TV turn off
Experts agree on this point - to listen, really listen, you can reduce conflict, boost confidence and lead to a more satisfactory. Play may sound simple, but requires more than being in the same room while your better half is talking. Sign that you care about turning off the TV, which offers full attention and make eye contact. And do not forget to follow up on what you hear.
This is particularly important when your partner is upset. If you listen carefully, they are more likely to understand the problem and find a way to help.

Focus on the positive.
"When you meet someone, pay attention to all the things you love. As time passes, you start to take that for granted and focus on what bothers you. If the relationship becomes more negative than positive, it breaks up."
The solution is to make a conscious effort to focus on the things you love about your partner. Your partner has many good qualities and the things that drive you crazy. Look for the positive and drink to those in Point to remember."

Stop annoying.
Nagging not only creates tension, tend to be anywhere. "If you rush, your partner will vote you out. If someone does not do what you want, think about what you do. It doesn’t work. What can you do instead?  Instead, has a dialogue that says what you don’t like, say what you want. Put options.
And remember that all balance a strong dose of criticism, positive feedback. Expressed his gratitude for the good qualities of your spouse's nagging, when a request is seen as a side.

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