Mutual understanding between Husband and Wife

People in long-lasting marriages know less about their partners than people in shorter relationships, says a new research.
It is found that couples married for an average of 40 years know less about one others food, movie and kitchen-design preferences than do partners who have been married or in committed relationships for a year or two.
Understanding and knowing your partner is important as it can be.

Here are some tips on understanding a husband.
·         Men tend to get aggressive and angry faster than women. This is because their hypothalamus is larger than that of women. As a result of which when provoked, the hypothalamus heightens rage, hunger desire and thirst.
·         Men are for more upset than their woman counterparts, if their wives have betrayed them. Just the thought of their wives sleeping with someone else can drive them mad and make them very violent.
·         Men feel worth living when they have something to drive them, to challenge them. They see themselves more as independent achievers.
·         Men most five basic requirements from a marriage are- Sexual fulfillment, Companionship, Attractive Spouse, Admiration and Domestic Support. Men feel incompetent when women offer them help. They like receiving help, only when they ask for it.
·         Most wives know and respect the husband as head of the house but we as wives have important roles to fulfill in the marriage as well. With understanding your wife and her needs you can't go wrong.

Here are some instructions on understanding your wife.
·         Understanding your wife is to slow down. Think about her and her needs in general what does she want? What are her Goals? How well do you know the lady you married? Sit down, forget about you. Draw from her all of her goals, aspirations, desires and dreams. When she is talking, make eye contact, smile or even touch her.
·         Listen to what she says. So many times men are so busy on the computer, watching movies or even working on something at the house. Take the time to stop what you are doing. When talking doesn’t just blurt out anything in response, but say something worthwhile and meaningful or even tell her to let you think about it. Always watch your tone and manner.
·         Understanding your mate is to live with integrity, honor and respect. This means even when your spouse is not around. Remember, what you do will come back to you. It can come back in many forms shapes and situations. It’s important that couple keep the marriage bed undefiled.

Source: telugu-news
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