Low Cholesterol Recipes That You Can Use

Low Cholesterol Recipes That You Can Use

Eating well should be of course our main concern when we are on a low cholesterol diet. You can lower your total blood triglycerides and your cholesterol naturally by eating good healthy foods that will improve your overall health and diminish the risk of a heart attack. One way to implement this is by incorporating low cholesterol recipes in your daily menu instead of eating junk food.

There are a number of restaurants where you can find good low cholesterol food but you can prepare delicious low cholesterol recipes right in your own home. Choosing to eat healthy doesn´t necessarily means to give up with good tasty menus. You can have a healthy diet with a lot of good flavors and choices while at the same time improving your health. You have to get rid of foods with high levels of fat when trying to lower your bad cholesterol levels. This seems obvious but many people just don´t do it because they think there cannot find good low cholesterol recipes to replace the unhealthy menus.

There are many delicious combinations of fishes and vegetables and different flavors that can be mixed in a good and healthy low fat diet that will improve your health. Eating low cholesterol recipes is a good way of protecting yourself from heart disease and has an energized body.

A good tasty breakfast can be a tortilla wrap; here is the recipe for this delicious low cholesterol breakfast:

Sliced turkey bacon
White tortilla, which could be warmed
Tomato-1/2 of it
Egg product- you can choose what to put in it
Green sweet pepper
Another good meal is the breakfast pizza.

This is one of the most delicious low cholesterol recipes. You will need:
Brown potatoes
You can use up to 6 white eggs (discard the egg yolk) to make the pizza but they have to be beaten
You can use up to one teaspoon salt
Mozzarella cheese- up to 4 ounces
Sliced tomatoes
Fresh basil
Oil and black pepper

For a nice and delicious lunch you can have very good pasta with vegetables that is very easy to prepare:

Olive oil
Cheese-feta or any other type
Canned tomatoes
Sweet pepper
You can add any vegetables you want- basil, herbs, parsley etc
Sea salt

And for dinner which is one of the most important meals of the day to maintain low cholesterol levels you can have Potatoes Wedges, here are the ingredients: 

Potatoes, you can even use sweat potatoes
Garlic, minced
Paprika- teaspoon
Salt- only one teaspoon
Black pepper
Water-add till you feel satisfied
Another meal is Beef and Barley Stew. You will only need 35 minutes to cook this healthy meal and you will be very satisfied with the results. You will need:

Beef stew meat
Purpose flour
Onion, until you feel satisfied (many people like chopped onions)
Garlic, teaspoon minced
Fresh parsley
Potatoes, peeled and sliced
Mushrooms, if you like to eat mushrooms, you can add some.

You only will need about 15 minutes to prepare this delicious dinner and have four servings with this meal.

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