What are the white dots on my nails?

Finally you finished repainting the final table of the room. As you wash, you'll notice something in your fingernail. You try to rub off and make the little white dots are not painted, they are actually part of your fingernail.

Stains show your companion and said, could mean that you have a lack of calcium. Or wait, it zinc? It is certainly a kind of nutritional deficiency, some of what he is. But you begin to wonder if he is right because in the past month, he said to wash your face with the white of eggs will reduce the size of your pores. However, when you mentioned that your dermatologist, she said nothing can really reduce your pores. So what the white spots and How do you get them?

One of the most common reasons for the small white spots can appear on both fingernails and toenails, is a condition called leukonychia. Although the name of that pretty serious, the pain is not. And while many people think they are caused by a deficiency of calcium or zinc, which is usually not the case

In fact, these areas often develop because of the mild-moderate trauma to your fingernail. If you cannot think of anything to hurt the nail, keep in mind that the nail has grown very slowly, so that damage may have occurred weeks before the spot has never appeared. The other possibility is that the area may be a sign of a mild infection or allergy, or a side effect of certain drugs.

Whatever the source of damage, the spot does not usually need any treatment and should disappear with your exact response is growing. And they should not return unless have your fingernail another trauma.
However, it is usually applied when only a few simple nail or a few affected. If all of your nails are showing white spots or streaks, the leukonychia can relate to one another more serious conditions such as anemia, heart disease, cirrhosis, and diabetes or kidney disease.

Overall, it's good practice to pay attention to changes and abnormalities in your fingernails and to consult your doctor if you're concerned.
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