Health Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

We live in what appears to be a hyperactive society is difficult to dispute the extensive, sometimes use the media attention given to sex and sensuality. However, since it is now understood about the health benefits of a robust sex life. While this list is by no means describes all aspects of the benefit of their sex, so hopefully that will inspire those who read it to a healthier sex life is possible. The benefits of a healthy love life is as follows:

Improved relations
Oxytocin, which is often referred to as hormone binding, is known for its growth during lactation, and is thought to increase the bond between mothers and their children. It turns out that the level of this hormone also increases during intimate acts between adults. It is probably true that the hormone is designed to have sex, hugs, or any other relationship between the behavior to increase. Therefore, increases the connection between all the friends, parents and children or adults is heterosexual or homosexual.
Self-perceived health to feel better
Since lower cortisol (stress hormone, is considered) and higher oxytocin is associated with a greater sense of well-being, it makes sense that activities such as sexual intercourse that increase the changes that people feel better, no matter what their Life is like the opposite.

Age less physically disable
Even people who have already banned those who are sexually active, it seems less likely that they would be more disabled with age, compared with a spouse already living with disabilities that are less satisfactory sexual life.

Lower Stress
Higher levels of oxytocin, which is created by sexual activity, tend to decrease anxiety and pain perception, stress, anxiety and pain was also found to fall as a result.

Improved operation of the immune system
Negative impact that excessive stress can be well understood by the immune system. Having sex on a regular basis reduces stress and increases the body's resistance to infection credibility booster.

Cognitively less frequently prohibit Age
Aerobic exercise may help slow the aging of the brain related to sex, it helps to keep everything in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a full-blown dementia.

Lower blood pressure and fewer strokes
Sexual activity has been shown to increase oxytocin, especially in women. This in turn appears to be strongly reduced when the body responds to stress. Among other things, reduce the response to oxytocin stress, become as close blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and cerebral vascular accidents, which can lead to elevated blood pressure.

Fewer heart attacks
Lower the stress reaction, which is associated with higher levels of oxytocin translates into a reduced risk of heart attacks.

Reduced risk of certain cancers
Men who ejaculate frequently are found to be lower risk of prostate cancer.

Longer life
Studies have found that general health is positively associated with an interest in sex, sexual activity and their participation in the quality of people in midlife and beyond. The opposite is true in the sense that poor health is linked to the low frequency of interest rate, and quality of sex.
House points of the health benefits of sex are safe, fun, and I kn
ow it's good for your health all his life.
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